The Best New Coffee Shop in Monmouth County, NJ – Rook Coffee Roasters

This new local coffee company teaches the art of fresh roasted coffee to Monmouth County residents. Looking for a delicious cup of joe and a great environment to relax around the Jersey Shore, head on over to Rook Coffee Roasters.

Mar 16, 2010 – When was the last time you drank a cup of fresh roasted coffee? Most people answer “never.” Rook Coffee Roasters is on a mission to change that answer to “always.”

Rook Coffee Roasters, based in Oakhurst, NJ, is a visionary coffee business complete with a retail store, in-house roasting facility, delivery and e-commerce shipping service in one.

Established in January 2010, Rook Coffee Roasters is the brainchild of entrepreneurs and co-owners Holly Migliaccio and Shawn Kingsley, childhood friends who left their big city corporate jobs to follow their shared passion for specialty coffee.

After traveling the globe and doing extensive coffee research in the U.S., particularly in the Pacific Northwest region, they identified a need for fresh roasted coffee on the East Coast. They took it a step further by purchasing a state-of-the-art roaster and quickly mastered the art of roasting themselves, using only the highest quality Arabica green coffee beans.

“Exceptional product mixed with over-the-top customer service is our philosophy,” says co-owner Holly Migliaccio. “We grind, brew and serve individual cups of coffee made to order, while educating our customers in the process.”

Beyond the in-store coffee experience, Migliaccio and Kingsley are focused on launching the e-commerce shipping and delivery side of the business next. “Envision the old milkman model fused with the 21st century Netflix model, but with coffee,” says Migliaccio.

For now, the modest sized store is like a euphoric refuge with the aroma of fresh roasted beans delighting the senses in an industrial, yet cozy and rustic setting. Customers savor the made-to-order service and relish their “new” discovery of fresh roasted coffee.

“We believe that in a short time people will become savvy coffee drinkers like they’ve become savvy wine drinkers,” says co-owner Shawn Kingsley. “Once they taste truly fresh roasted coffee they’re hooked. They can’t believe they’ve been settling for anything less all these years.”

For more information contact:
Holly Migliaccio
60r Monmouth Road

Oakhurst, NJ 07755