DeClutter Your Closet

DeClutter Your Closet
Do you really need to keep all that stuff?

Everyone has at least one closet that needs some serious help. Here are a few tips to clearing out, cleaning up and getting your clothes closet organized.

1. Remove EVERYTHING from the closet.
Once your closet can again see the light of day, scrub it down.

2. Separate the items you removed. Divide items into three bins: Keep Bin, Throw Away Bin, Donate & Sell Bin. Get rid of everything but the Keep Bin.

3. Divide Remaining Items. As you’re sorting, divide your items into four categories: Season, Type, Use and What’s This?
Season Category Sort your clothes into Summer, Winter, Spring/Autumn
Type Category Sort by Business Wear, Special Occasion Outfits and Casual stuff.
Use Category – Now look at your neat piles and decide how often you wear each piece.
Take your three piles of clothing and divide each pile into common-wear and infrequent-wear clothing.
What’s This? Category After following all these steps you’re now left with a pile of odds and ends that don’t belong anywhere. Let’s call these items accessories. (Chances are these items are a mixture of shoes, belts and scarves.)

4. Use Closet Organizers These simple and inexpensive items will make organizing your closet a snap. There are three main types of organizers that can fit any closet, no matter its size: shelves, specialty clothes hangers and shoe racks.

That’s it. Pretty simple. Of course, there is clutter that overwhelms even the most capable do-it-yourselfer. In this case, there are plenty of professional home organizers out there just waiting to get their hooks into your closets!